How the UX help your SEO?


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SEOs always try to find new ways to improve page speed or new keywords to target. But if you hope that user not bounce and stay on the site, you still should create a  better focus on engagement to delight Google and its users, and it hinges upon your site’s UX.

  • Give users an engaging experience

 Except for the fast load speed and the clear information, if you want make your site more engaging, you still should think about your Web design. Based on your industry and the intent of the page, your design and layout should create an experience for users that feels immersive,natural and frictionless. There are 3 tips: 1. Make your call-outs are clear but not too flashy; 2. Make your design (colors, images, font choice etc.) can command the user’s focus; 3. Optimize your speed on desktop and mobile. Once you establish a strong first impression, you give yourself the best chance of a first-time conversion and a better chance of a return visit.

  1. Focus on the context of your content

Except for the relevant keywords and insightful content, the other half of the SEO equation is search intent. So your UX also should express your content intent. For example, if you’re an e-commerce brand, the intent of your product page is “buy now”, so your page design should be in the ready-to-buy mode and be convenient for users to compare and purchase. The best way is to build a brand story and create a lingo-free supportive guide towards solving users’ need. For example, GoPro gives the customer the experiences of recording their moments enjoying life, making Gopro the “guide” to helping customers remember their adventures. Quality content with a newfound emphasis on your site’s UX can create an impact on your business and your visitors more happiers. it will also attract Google’s attention, because Google is just looking to please its users too.

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