How to do ASO(APP Store Optimization)?


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Mobile has almost replaced your PC in the recent years. You download all kind of apps from anywhere from anywhere like tablets, smartphone or any other technology and rely on your apps to do almost anything, such as check the weather, schedule your meetings, find your favorite products,etc. An user can easily download the free apps, but he can also easily give up the boring apps. So, it is very important as a developer to understand the user mindset and how will it affect the designing of apps and influence app store optimization patterns.

What is ASO(APP Store Optimization)? ASO is improving the visibility of your mobile app on the app store. It also mean the process of ranking apps through keyword searches and pushing more downloads. There are a few things like title, screenshots, keywords, retention rate, conversion rate, which affect your ASO conversion rates.

So optimizing your app store can give your the immense potential to redesign and develop your app to suit the needs of your users. There are some steps you can take to improve your ASO.


1.App Preview Video is Useful

More and more internet audience like to watch videos. You can harness the power of video for your App store page to give potential users a better insight into who you’re and what you can offer them. App Previews in the iOS App Store allow a 30 second long videos showcase your features and benefits, So please make sure your app UX looks good and matches the expectation of your potential users.


2.Don’t Name Your Title with keywords

Keywords are very important in SEO, and same in ASO, but a little different. Title name is not part of the keyword, and naming your app with commonly found names can hurt your interests. So using attractive, short and crisp titles is better to attract the viewer and using basic catchphrases to build your keywords.


3.Encourage Positive Reviews 

Positive ratings and reviews have a huge impact on your ASO efforts. Users often choose Apps with more reviews, especially good reviews. So you can encourage users to leave a good review of your app on the App store or Google play.


4.Value Your App Descriptions 

Just like your titles, catchphrases and screenshots, app description is one of the most critical aspects of your optimization process. The two hundred odd characters you write are critical for your app development. So you should make your description remarkably interesting to attract and hold your user. You app will fade into oblivion in a very quick time if you don’t pay attention. Almost all of the top-rated apps had impressive descriptions,icons and screenshots. 


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