How to Improve your local ranking on Google ?


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Do you want to appear in someone’s local research results? For example, if someone search for “Chinese restaurant”, Google will try to show him a number of nearby chinese restaurants across Maps and Search to suggest some options. It’s obviously a good way to improve your business’s local ranking that using Google My Business.


Want to improve your local ranking? Let’s learn how Google determines local ranking firstly!

There are 3 factors to help Google find the best match for your research: relevance,distance and prominence. 

Relevance is the most important factor in matching. So you’d better to add complete and detailed business information to let Google better understand your business and match your listing to relevant searches.

Distance is still a factor that Google will consider. If you don’t specify a location in your search, Google won’t recommend you a place far away from you and will calculate distance based on what’s known about your location.

Google always wants to recommend better content to users. Prominence refers to how well-know a business is. For example,famous museums, well-know store brands. Prominence is also based on information that Google has across the web (like links, articles and directories) and your position in web results. 


How to improve your information?

If you find that your business doesn’t appear for relevant searches in your area, don’t worry! Let’s complete the following tasks by providing and updating your business information in Google My Business to maximize your local ranking and your occurrence rate on Google!

1.Enter complete data

Relevance is the most important factor in Google’s search results. The more complete information, the easier to match with the right searches. So make sure you’ve entered all of your business information in Good Maps,Search,and other Google properties, create a Google My Business listing, such as what you do, where you are,what is your phone number… And keep this information updated as your business changes.

2. Keep your hours accurate 

Entering and updating your accurate opening hours,including special hours for holidays and special events,lets potential customers know when you’re available.

3. Add photos 

Pictures are always more attractive. Adding photos to your listings shows people your goods and services that they’re searching for, and can also help tell the story of your business to your potential customers.

4. Manage and respond to reviews

Nowaday,it is very important for merchants that interaction with customers. Your customers’  feedback is more convincing than advertising, so please creating a link for your customers to write reviews to encourage them to leave feedback. And respond positively these reviews to shows that you really value and appreciate them.  


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