Voice SEO Optimization: How to do it?


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If you used voice assistants, you probably can understand voice SEO. When we know that 20% to 50% of voice searches are expected in 2020, we will be more interested in developing speech SEO optimization. This is a major issue of SEO for tomorrow. SEOs are beginning to think about the best practices and techniques for optimizing the content of voice and virtual search assistants.

Voice SEO Optimization

The SEO of these new interfaces will undoubtedly evolve the algorithms which will also improve themselves.  Each SEO agency should adapt to this new behavioral method.

Identify these common questions on your market sector:

1.Determine which are the most interesting for your business.

2.For each “target question” selected, develop a set of interrelated questions that users will also be interested in.

3.Write the target content addresses and related questions on a single coherent article.

Using this process, each website can now offer concrete answers to its users and appear in the zero position of Google. You will get higher visibility on Google by this method.

The voice SEO and the brand image

Developing persona templates for voice applications. As brands try to create a consistent image and cultivate a unique customer experience, research suggests that voices speak by virtual assistants should have a unique “personality.”

In fact, when the voice assistant edits the solution to the request, it also affects the company’s image. As a true differentiation element, brands see it as an interesting communication channel to enhance brand image and value.

The limits of voice search

However, vocal SEO is suitable for information queries. When the users have a comparative need and spend a lot of  time to search the web for all the information to make the right choice. The voice assistant will have its limits since it can only propose objective results and can not provide a personalized result for each user.

Example: what is the best restaurant? This request is subjective and the word “better” will depend on the user’s tastes. Therefore, we can claim that text research on the internet still has a bright future.


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